Is it too early to ask what we are?

So I've been talking to this guy for a month, we literally talk everyday and he's started calling me babe. It is a long distance thing, he's brothers with my best friend's boyfriend. We've been making plans for me to come visit him, and I'm getting nervous because it's a big step and were not official. I do really like him, and I don't mind being the person to bring up the what are we talk, do you think it's too early?


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  • It's not too early.. Actually, the early you know, the better it is so you know where you really stand but don't make it sound too serious if you'll gonna ask him.. just keep it cool or somewhat asking in joking way when you're talking and see how he reacts but still, stay happy as how you both are now.. :)

    • Okay good, I've really been overthinking things. We haven't seen each other since we first started talking though. He lives far away and our schedules are a little hard to work around but I think I'm going to do it tonight

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  • its all up to you.. if you really like him you should

    • I do want to, but I tend to psych myself out a little and didn't know if it were too early to define out relationship. I'm not even sure how is being it up lol

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