Cute/Fun ideas for a first date?

We've both just finished high school, we're pretty close; we went to prom together and talk all the time. A couple days ago at a get-together we made out for the first time. We "hung out" today but it was last minute so we just walked through a park and went to starbucks. We're going to hang out tomorrow, except it's a date and I need ideas!!


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  • Just my ideas... I watch too much drama so some of it might be ridiculous.
    1. Think you can afford to move a grand piano up to a gazebo in some romantic place? Joking.
    2. Now I'm serious. Go shopping together. When she's not looking get something (a hairclip or some kind of jewelry) within your budget and at the end ask her to close her eyes and put it on her, saying "I think this would suit you". That's a killer phrase! Go for it!!!
    3. Can you play a music instrument? Go to her house early and wait at the balcony of her room. Bring your instrument. Serenade her. Okok my crazy pianist instinct came out.
    4. Go to the park. When you're walking just take her hand lightly. If it's winter where you are dont wear gloves and say "I just want to feel your warmth" quietly! sotto voce~! tres bien! ^_^
    5. If it's summer where you are go to the beach!! Yeay! The beach! Can you stay out late? Stay out until moonlight time~!! A sure-kill phrase for you. "Your eyes shine like the moonlight lake in beethoven's moonlight sonata"

    I have to go for piano lesson now. Hope it turns out for you!


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  • Nighttime picnic under the stars!! (: bring blankets and sparklers. Just imagined that. It sounds romantic. And not too expensive

  • -A Concert or if a local park has bands play on the weekends
    -Zoo (personal favorite)
    -Driving range
    -Go downtown and walk around
    -Watch a movie at home
    -Amusement park
    I hope that helps :)

  • People watch and laugh at them for no reason they pass by hahaha

  • Can you cook? If you can, you can cook some food and bring her for a picnic in you favourite spot. ;)


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