Ladies, I really need some advise. I met a girl online, we went on 2 dates. She said there was not any spark, but she wanted to be friends?

So I figured that was the end. Two days later, she called me and we chatted, laughed a lot. We get along great. She asked me to have coffee with her, and we chatted. She said her dating life wasn't so great, all the guys only wanted sex. About an hour into the date, she said she had to go, left very quickly, and left me wondering if I had offended her. She called me about 3 hours later and told me she was developing feelings for me and it was confusing to her so she had to leave. Can someone whos been through this explain to me whats going on in her mind? Thank you

This woman is 1 year out of a 25 year marriage where he constantly cheated on her. So its very understandable that she's not ready to commit. I just thought she saw me as a friend and only a friend, now she's seems she doesn't know. she needs time


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  • she's like me. She didn't want to get into a relationship she wanted so badly. When i get feelings i gotta get OUTTA THERE. Thats a no no lol. Just give her time and space. Let her decide what she wants to do. It takes time sometimes to (for a lack of better words) digest these feelings you dont want to accept.

    • Thank you. I have left her alone but she calls me. she's a neat person and I am perfectly fine with us just being friends. Thanks for you input

    • No problem ^_^

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  • First she said there is no sparks then she said she is developing feelings. This is common with women we are sometimes not initially attracted to certain guys but then as we get to know them something about their personality flips a switch that makes us open to dating them.

    I feel like the opposite is true for guys. Guys tend to see a girl and know right away if they are attracted or not. A girl will rarely find an unattractive girl attractive afterwards, if he initially did not like her. There are probably exceptions, usually its because a girl dresses nice then he may like her more after.

    • She says I am very charming. Thanks for your input, you make a lot of sense. Its nice to see a young lady who has the wisdom that you have. You will go far in life.

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    • You were a huge help in explaining to me what she was thinking, I really do appreciate your time.

    • No problem... it at least gives you a general idea

  • Give her some time. She is unsure of herself.

  • I have to agree with Creative_boss, just give her some time and space and things will work out if it's meant to be. Just be her friend for now, the best relationships I been in are the ones that started out as friends and turned into something more. Good luck to you. Online dating can be rough. I can relate all to well unfortunately.

    • Thanks ^_^ and sorry to hear about your online dating experience haha

    • I love being her friend. She is funny and has a very kind heart. She calls me everyday. So I know she is confused, I just dont wanna push her, I really dont Thank you for your time.

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