Dont know what my ex boyfriend meant? Or why he did that?

So long story short my ex boyfriend and i have off & on thing. We broke up twice. 1st time was dumb & the 2nd was that he gave up on us. He hurt me cause he never told me why he became distant but it was cause we live in different states and it will be hard for us to meet. A year went by & Its crazy how long we both can go with out talking but connect right away. Our feels are strong. He has a bad past with all his ex girlfriends, they all have cheated or did him wrong. So me knowing that i really tried to be the one he can trust but i ended up getting hurt on the 2 nd time we dated. After My best friend believe we still have something. She talked to him and told me the way he talks about me is beautiful. He told her many thing about us and later told her , that he is in love with me but he wants to be solo till he gets his things together. By then i started doubting him cause he will tell her this but never to me. When i asking him once what were his intention he told me to ask my friend. She told me everything but it didn't make sence why he claims he cares and love me yet he wants to be solo? After a month and he ignore me i lost hope and wrote him a message saying am not another of his ex waiting for him and that i was real and he never told me anything. So i said good luck with life cause im done trying to be a part of. Then my best friend ended there friendship too. She told him my feelings died last night and more. He wrote to her that we had no i dea what he is going through but there is no bother telling. He also said will forever be the best he ever had. Also that I'm too good for him. But the last thing he said to her was this, that he isn't trying to be with anyone else & that he would be solo for the rest of his days and it should be that way to pay for what he did to me. He also said There is no bother searching anymore because I know they won't be anyone better. He also say i pray she finds someone better than me. I dont know was i wrong?


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  • Perhaps he is in an unfortunate situation and does not want to commit to you, or anyone, and does not wish to lead you on or bring you down with his issues.


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  • Settle down darling. You're not wrong. No one is at fault or in the wrong here. Take a step back. All you can do in this situation is give it time. No need to throw in the towel yet. You've come this far. Long distance relationships are the toughest. Live your life each day till he comes round, and if he doesn't then you did everything you could. You sound so sad. You should watch something funny with a friend. Always works for me.

    Best wishes.

  • He knew that you won't have that high patient level where you could actually wait for him till he settles himself.
    So he let you go off. Seriously what else he could do? This is the age where every girl wants clingy boyfriend to talk with, hangout with and all that stuff which girls and boys of our age do.
    He sees that it won't happen like that and you might eventually dump him due to lack of attention.

    • Bullshit.
      Not all girls want clingy boyfriends.
      Keep your opinion to yourself.

    • If he talked to me instead of my friend then i would have. I always have waited for him. Everyone has patience but no one waits forever. Also from what queenofdasrot1414 is right i gave him my full attention and i was always there for him. I don't want a clingy bf i had one before its annoying all i want from him id to be honest and to tell me not my friend.

    • OOOH BURN!!!
      I WAS RIGHT!!!


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  • He is such an ass.
    Telling your best friend instead of you.
    Go find someone better.

    • Such disgusting comments. Keep it up to you. Don't mislead others.

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    • I can't. My hands don't work D:

    • :p :p :p :p

  • You're not wrong!! You're not wrong!! It was right of you to of you to send that message ^_^ If you take your time and don't stress yourself too much, everything will solve itself ^_^