Man flirts... I missed it and need a sign!

What are some flirtatious acts a man does to shows he's interested? I missed it from a person who claimed he flirted with me lol


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  • He talks to you, is very friendly, and maybe even cracks a few jokes. At that point we look for a sign that you enjoy having us around. We look for body language and stuff like that. We can't really take flirting any further than that without a sign from the girl, or else we will come off creepy more often than not. If we don't see any signs that you like us, then it is clear you don't like us back and we give up.

    Just assume any guy that is being nice to you is flirting, and if you like him, try giving him some signals that you are into him. Chances are most of your male friends, all liked you in the beginning, and you friend zoned everyone of them.


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  • 'Ayo gurl you want some' is usually a dead giveaway. Other than that, any time a guy spends any length of time talking with you or hanging out with you, he's probably interested.


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