How does a guy who hasn't been in any relationship or dating situation after 5 years get back into the game?

When my last relationship ended 5 1/2 years ago I was financially and morally ruined. My heart was basically ripped to shreds. I had a somewhat mutual ending of a 6 year relationship with a really nice girl. I wanted out more than her. Her father passed and we drifted apart. I moved away started a business and met a beautiful lady who I was surely going to marry. She later cheated on me with many people, dumped me and then proceeded to cheat on her new boyfriend with me. All I wanted was a faithful woman and I needed her to let things play out naturally during that tense time in my life. Instead I became suspicious of everything and all my fears were later confirmed. Because of her unfaithfulness and me being so far from home I started going to strip clubs and having sex with strippers. Even the strippers would tell me should leave her. I couldn't, I desperately wanted her to stop cheating and just be with me. I eventually lost my business because of the hold I let her have over me and came back home heart and financially broken and morally empty. It took me years to even think about wanting someone because I couldn't trust people and now I find myself slowly thinking that now that my situation is a bit better in my heart and finances that maybe, just maybe I should start looking again. Now everything is Facebook etc. I'm not even sure I know how to approach women anymore. I will be 39 next month so I would like to eventually find a cool lady to hang out with. What is the best way to go about that these days in this new techie world?


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  • Ask some girl friends (or the partners of guy friends) to hook you up with some stress-free hassle-free simple dates with some single girls they know. Not looking for "the one", just to take out to dinner or something and dust off the skill-set.


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