I want to hug my crush badly she's so hot?

I want to hug my crush so bad, every morning she will use my leg for support when she sits down, we play fights alot, when she reach out to my pencil case she will rest her arm on my arm, there's one time i asked her for a hug because i have a prank on her, she came closer to me, but i went alway like "BIG JELLYFISH" (its like when you want to fake a high five with someone you go like jellyfish) because i thought that just suddenly asking her for a hug is a little weird, and i was scared that she might not want to hug me. But she did come closer though, Is there other way i can hug her?


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  • Just act like you're upset and if she says "what's wrong" say "i really need a hug" 90% it will probably work

    • yeah, this will probably work. i can see it now... she will be like "AWWWWWWWW...." she won't be able to resist xD its a girl instinct.

      then when you do hug her, linger just a little longer than necessary so that it turns into flirting. hopefully she gets the hint ;D

      (keep in mind this is just an idea, but it will probably work)

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