How do I make it easy to love me?

I only have one good friend and he's this really hot guy. Yet he only wants to be friends. I don't know if he thinks my breathe stinks or what. But he also said he's never really had to hit on a girl and that it just happens mutually. I also liked my best guy friend before him who also said he didn't want anything serious, yet this girl was able to convince him otherwise and I wasn't able to. Should I just make a move on my best guy friend now?


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  • You might not be his type. You also might be coming off as desperate or needy, or clingy. Seriously if he says he isn't interested why would you ruin your friendship.

    If this girl convinced him to get into a relationship then I am willing to bet he told you that so you would stop chasing him. Some people play hard to get as well. So he might want to see what you are willing to do in order to get him to go out with you. But if he says he isn't interested than most likely he isn't interested.

  • If you want to risk losing another friend, sure


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