I need help not a judges.. need your opinion guys?

Am a very sociable girl beautiful and smart I finish my univ and start working have a lot of friends and a very good relationship with all peoples until now everything looks perfect my prob is am so sensitive and I have a high standards in dating so I don't waste my time with wrong persons I wanna fall in love and get the love back from my partner always there is something missing in my relation in those last months I meet a neighbor he never attract me before we start talking as a neighbors and we were flirting on each other IT seems like all my friends saw that... always stairs at me I catch him looking at me secretly when we r around he really throws things and he can't control his self am not a stupid girl I can really know when i like someone.. i start to fall for him he was so charming and he has that special smile when he sees me even his best friend told him the other day: u were so sad all the time and so nervous until u saw here you finally smiles.. the issue here after a while I discovered that he has a gf she's a beautiful girls I cried a lot but I take the courage and I faced him: I said I know I like you and u know that you like me it's something obvious in eyes but I discovered that u r already taken so am dropping out he didn't deny he says that am so perfect he likes everything around me but that'sit since that something change between us he can't even look at my eyes when he talks to me.. but something stronger than us attract us to each other lately I start to feel that I still attract him I know that she exists am not a bad person but I really like him and I keep saying if he was happy with here he will never look to another girl also he has a very good situation and they have a very long period together so why he didn't marry her yet. we will meet next week cause he will teach me French he proposed that and I know that this is my only chance to show him how amazing I am I know that I deserve my chance to be happy. what should I do


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  • For someone who classifies herself as 'smart', the horrible grammar really made it hard to understand your question.

    If a guy is in a relationship he is off limits. Period.

    • I speak germany sorry for the mistakes

  • Let's say , you got him after few weeks of trying to SHOW HIM HOW AMAZING YOU ARE.
    What next? He breaks up with her, HURT HER.
    What is the guarantee that he would not do the same to you?

    PS: Girls will blame the guys for being a dick and betraying them with another girl. But they should also blame that ANOTHER GIRL who is responsible for the break up

    • I am not a bad person.. he was the first who start to flirt on me.. look I know him from 6 months I never broke the limits with him and I had the chance to do that but I respect that he is in relationship but at the other side I feel so bad for my self it hurts me a lot when I think that he is with her.. that's why I asked for help

    • Well, that is fine, but you must also understand , if he can flirt with you when in relationship with another girl, he can also flirt with another girl , when in relationship with you

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