Girls! What would your idea of a great first date be?

So hopefully this Sunday me and this girl will be doing something in my home city. Problem is that she's coming late afternoon and I don't think that there's much to do in the evening. I was thinking the cinema on the Sunday night, then she can come back to mine and chill and if she wants, just stay the night (nothing will happen, i'm not that kind of guy, I just don't want her to be driving back late at night. Then the day after, get up and go for an ice cream or something then go ice skating.

Does this sound a bit too much for a first date? I want her to have a good time and I know she enjoys ice skating and films and so do I.

Thanks :)


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  • That sounds cute ^_^ Maybe going for a walk or something too, it sounds sweet. Don't worry, she won't be expecting any grand gesture on the first date :)

    • Thanks :) I do want to make a good first impression though, especially if she's driving down to come and see me and driving us both up to another town to go ice skating. I think it's fair that if she drives and uses up her petrol, I should pay for the ice skating and film haha

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  • Wow, that sounds great. I love those kinds of dates. I hope it goes well :)

    • Thank you! I hope it does as well :)

  • That sounds like a really good date :) remember to have fun and maybe ask what her all time favorite movie is or find a completely different/ out there movie that you can laugh at :)

    Good Luck!!

    • 22 jump street is what I was thinking of, can't go wrong with that haha :D She says she loves driving which is cool but I will tell her that I do want to come up and see her at some stage, even though her town is a bit boring haha

    • 22 jump street is a great idea!! It sounds like you two will have a great time, and im certain she would like it if you went to see her :)

    • Thank you :) Yeah thing is I don't have a car but I don't mind paying for a bus up to her town, alhtough there's not much to do where she lives haha!

  • Movies I think are no bueno. It's awkward sitting there when you could be doing aomething else like... talking and getting to know each other. Maybe pair ice skating with dinner at a fun place with music or something

    • I was only thinking a movie for the evening. Then when we got back we could chat, then the day after we could have an ice cream and take a walk or something

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  • Never take a woman to a movie for the first few dates. It's just wasting 2 unproductive, silent hours in the dark just to have a conversation piece afterwards.

    • Hmm you're right but to be honest there's nothing else to do in the evening. Plus it's a good and funny film so i'm sure she's enjoy it as well. There's plenty of time for conversation afterwards

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