Is it normal for an experienced guy to think he's not good enough for a non-experienced girl?

This guy that I'm seeing has had a decent amount of experience with girls. He's dated about 8 girls and he's 25.

It's definitely not a crazy number I don't think. He told me he dated a number of girls to figure out what he wanted.

I haven't dated any guy before because I have known what I have wanted for a long time and no guy fit my criteria.

He said the fact that I haven't done anytbing before makes him nervous in getting to know me. He then went on to say how he has made so many mistakes before.

I felt bad and told him that as long as he learned from it it's okay and that i wasn't perfect. I don't want him to put me up on a pedestal,

Is it normal for a guy to kind of feel he isn't "good enough" for a girl? How can I make him feel better?


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  • Insecurity is very normal it doesn't have to be based in facts.


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