Should I be patient or move on?

I'm gonna try and make it short as possible.

I started talking to a girl two months ago I met through a mutual friend. I'd met her before on another occasion and initially she'd messaged me on Facebook about a job interview I'd posted about. It went from there.

At the time she had literally just broken up with someone she told me she was on and off with for two years, but I wasn't thinking a relationship yet or anything. She's 32 this year and has a 10 year old daughter. I just turned 24, not a big deal tho.

I didn't get her number right away, she made me work for it. Ended up getting it a week or so later. We seem to have a lot of the same interests and such. So that week she invited me over for a fire with some of her friends. Ended up spending the night cuddling with her. Nothing more.

But the next week was my birthday and we ended up fooling around for a few days (no sex though, just some kissing, cuddling, etc.) and then I think there was something said by her ex, and she didn't want to confuse her daughter with continuing to fool around because we were still just friends at that point. But I thought it was cool because it felt like she liked me, but our time just wasn't yet.

I dj'd her daughters birthday a week later and one of her friends came up to me and we talked about some of the past and told me to just be really really patient with her, that she's a good girl. So I thought you know, that's something I can do.

I drove her around a lot for work and such while her car was getting and she paid for my gas and even dinner every now and then. I just did it to help. Picked her daughter up from daycare a few times and her daughter really likes me.

I've met her parents, she's met mine. I've been hanging out with her a lot since we started talking. But she says she's never gonna be in a relationship again maybe cause of her ex. She wants to finish school and take care of her kid right now which is good really.

Just don't know what to think.

Yeah there's more to it than I had room to explain but. I guess it's just hard for me to put my thoughts into words cause it's seemed more 50-50 than anything.

We still flirt and whatnot when the kid isn't around, just not as much as before.


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  • I wouldn't look for anything serious coming out of this. I think that she is just looking for companionship until she officially gets over her ex boyfriend. She doesn't sound like she likes you a whole lot. It sounds like she likes you because you are there to help her out. If you stop helping out I wonder if she's going to continue to be active in your life. No sex, yet? Test her. Stop doing your favors etc.. And she what happens. Plus, I think that she is viewing the two of you as just friends, and basing off of what she said, she might be thinking about keeping it that way.


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  • Although it may hurt its best to move on.

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