Dating a guy for 3 1/2 months, we only see each other once a week?

I've been dating this guy for 3 1/2 months. He doesn't live that far from me around 30 mins. We only see each other once a week & we don't text everyday maybe every other day we do? . Does this mean he's not really interested in me?


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  • I think its different for everyone. The goal is to find someone with the same pace as yours.

    Paris13 here seems happy with very little. On the other hand I have a friend that is literally inseparable from his gf (now wife).

    Are you happy with this arrangement?


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  • You're Good to Go in my book, sweetie. Don't sweat it. Too much of a good thing isn't Healthy neither. To me, you're both off to a great start.
    I was once in a year long relationship with a guy whom I saw once, maybe every other month, due to his job, and if I got a text once a week, it was way too much. And when we did see one another, it was That much more Enticing and exciting...
    This is a good way, from where I am sitting, to keep the relationship, still in the 'date mate' stage, Interesting and nurtured and nursed for more of the same, that could eventually lead to a Potential partnership down the road.
    Good luck, good work. xx