How soon did you move in with your partner?

After how long did you move in together?

How soon is too soon?

My last relationship didn't work out because he wanted me to move in with him after 3 months together but I said no.

He's now living with his gf of 4 months


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  • my gf (now fiancĂ©) and I moved in after about 2 years of being together

    • That's a good amount of time to get to fully understand each other

    • I thought so. I had sort of wanted to move in sooner but thought it was better to give it some time

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  • We dated a year and were engaged 5 months before we moved in.

  • I moved in with my wife when we first met that night

    • Wow. How long have you been together?

    • we just met a few hours before that and three hours after we met I asked her to marry me she said yes two days later and that was almost 13 years ago and we will be married 13 years this October

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