I really want to meet to guys that can potentially be a boyfriend, how do I meet guys that are not in the same school as me?

I've been wanting to do this a while but don't know how, the type of guy I would prefer aren't really at my school so I want to find someone close by.


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  • You'd be surprised, if your confident just got to the local shopping centre/mall and see who interests you, its good to have a friend with you though so you dont look so eager. If you dont want to up to him and make the first move, just make eye contact with him ALOT!! dont know bout any other lads but that shit drove me crazy :0

    • Thank youu the thing is I am confident in my personality and body but I need a friend with me but then she won't go with me 😑

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    • Sure you should, even if you look like a randomner doing nothing, guys would take it as a good oppurtunity :) now that i think of it, sometimes its better if your not with friends cuz it can be intimidatiing, if im tryin to talk to a girl and her friend is there :(

    • Oh okayy thank you! I'm going to try this Saturday

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  • if this is high school its gonna be difficult lol. go to another schools football game or something.


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