I'm 17 and I'm not sure whether she is actually interested or just letting me down easy?

Me and this girl have chatting everyday for 2 months straight, with both of us initiating the conversations evenly. There has been the occasional flirting and inside jokes. We finally meet up for the first time a week ago, and it couldn't have gone any better. There was never an awkward silence, the conversation was flowing and we even kissed; it was great. I have really fallen for this girl, we've planned to meet up another two times and I think it could really lead to a serious relationship. However I just spoke to her, and she was telling me how she isn't planning to be in a relationship until after school, she was feeling really bad, and said that we could maybe be together later in the future. This really confused me, because I honestly thought she interested, and now I'm not sure whether she actually is or was just letting me down easy. Any advice?


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  • it sounds like she's interested but i find that having a boyfriend during school can deduct a lot of time you could use for assessments and homework and stuff. im not a nerd, but i will admit that im not an idiot either and everytime i have a boyfriend i tend to get to distracted with our relationship and can never really focus on my school work and fall behind. so i think she does actually like you, but wants to get her grades under control before having a relationship.

    • Yea thanks I get that. It's just I feel like if she was genuinely interested she would be able to work around all that, in the same way I would for her

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    • She's like the only girl I've ever felt comfortable around and one that could really talk, I just really don't want to lose her that's all I guess

    • well if you dont want to lose her maybe its best if you stay friends that way if she is leading you on you won't get hurt as much and then even if your not with her in the lover way you've still got her as a friend

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  • I think that if you really love someone, you'll make time for them. Is she studying abroad or what? Maybe you could just agree to see each other on weekends or tell her how you feel & see how she responds, because it looks like she liked you If now, there are other girls you could have a good conversation with & feel at ease with.

    • Yea well we've planned to see each other over the next few weekends, and we've agreed that we'll see how it goes, and I'm leaving it up to her whether or not she still feels the same way or not

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  • I was actually just in this situation and I feel what you are going through dude. It's hard. But you never know she could of just had a bad day, bad news suddenly, or even anything. If it were me I would just let her know that you understand and that it's okay and try and make her feel better if she was feeling bad. Even if you don't understand. Just tell her you do. Let her know you care about her needs and wants. I would just stay close with her and stuff so she can realize what a great guy you are yanno? And when that time comes & you guys are still close, you will be one happy dude.

    • Yea well we're still talking to each other everyday, and I know she hasn't gone through anything bad. But I told her that I thought she was really special, and if that's the case I'll wait until you're ready. She then kept saying are you sure? I don't want to keep you waiting, and if you change your mind I'll understand. But yea still not sure

    • If she truly is worth waiting for, then wait. Hold it out a bit yanno. Just show her you care. Maybe surprise her with little things, or take her to dinner, bring her starbucks or what not. (: I hope you guys work.