Guys, what do you like in a girl?

Give specifics on what you would like her physical appearance, personality, and interests to be, or which of those you do not find attractive. Basically, state your dream girl. Give as much detail as you want. :)


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  • my dream girl is a girl who is beautiful (well that covers 90% of the girls in this world) but she would also be beautiful on the inside (which is rare) she'll have a sweet personality and have morals the non-trashy non-slut type, (not sleep around) a virgin, she'll desire/want me for the same/similar reasons i want her for which is for love, sex, body and mind, but most important she'll be the one who will make all the first moves and ask me out, she'll tell me whats on her mind, she will be happy and satisfied with me, she'll keep me and marry me, never leave or cheat, she won't be baby obsessed and want kids cause thats a turn off, she'll love my touch, she'll love who i am, she'll know what she wants, id be her dream guy, non smoker non drinker no drugs, no piercings on face or body the traditional ear piercing is ok, she'll let me explore her body, she'll be someone i can trust, intelligent, a joy to be with, good sense of humor, and shell look at me the complete opposite of how girls normally look at me - instead of looking at me like im disgusting / ugly etc, she'll look at me with soo much love, desire, happiness and arousal in her eyes, shell have a beautiful angel like voice that id love to hear all day and melt to, she'll have a content happy look on her face when i hold/hug her, she'll give me constant attention and be with me 24/7, clingy, desperate, sexual, most of all she'll fulfill all my love and sex fantasies cause hers are the same/similar, that includes one of the many versions in being asked out by/meeting her, and she'll fall in love with me at first site and want sex ASAP with me to tell me she really wants me and as an engagement commitment thing, a she will marry me asap
    thats all i can think of right now


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  • Slim petite cute small boobs an butt girly girly

    Charming fun energetic plays coy sometimes maybe a bit bashful also witty

    Interest would be similar to mine I guess. Fascinated with how life works, plants, people , animals that kinda stuff. Cooking (I love to an would like someone I can cook with) kind of inquisitive and artistic.

    I'm not a big romantic type but it can be nice so someone that is down with that. I'd like her to be charming

    Sexually inexperienced cause I love introducing new things, a bit kinky would be nice. Would definitely want her to enjoying laughing and have a positive outlook on life

    Not crazy at all that the main thing

  • What I look for in a girl:


    Passionate for education
    Book reader
    Nerd (Like me)
    Dork (Like me)
    Family oriented
    Has something going for herself


    It'd be cool if she played an instrument. Girls who are pianists are sexy, and we can show each other the ropes. I'd like for her to be her own person, and have her own hobbies/interests, though (See "strong" above).

    Physical Appearance:

    Maybe the least important. She just as to be cute to me. Looks are common, there's hundreds of beautiful girls on my campus every day. But I will definitely have to like her eyes.. <3

  • I Like short slim petti women the most attractive with the ability to hold a conversation other wise I will be sleeping

  • A good smile, a good sense of humour and someone with an easy-going personality. As for appearance, I don't have a type I find lots of different women attractive.

    As I say physical attraction draws me in but doesn't keep me around, it's girl's attitude and personality that determines whether I stay or not.


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