How to forget your crush? Please help x?

Im 18, never had a relationship, but have close male fds and normal social life.
During last Sept, it was my first time studying overseas, coz I was still a minor, so I had to live with a host family, and I met him. He's 2 yeas older, 6'4, really decent looking swiss guy.
lol, staying with him actually freaks me out.. the close proximity just makes my crushing worse (like eating and watching tv tgt at night) So I decided to move out after 2 months...

Lol, its been more than half a year, and he had finish his course and probably never return. I have met someone nice but never really have the urge to start it. its kinda pathetic to think about him tbh, since he's in another country doing well. And I know that even he's staying forever, its not gonna happen, he's ex pretty much fit in wt the society thinks as a pretty latina and I'm no where close...

lol, how could i forget. I can't just throw myself out in the public and find someone else can't I

Thank you x

Can I get more help please :D?


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  • All you had to do was try.

    • Try as in? try getting a life lol

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    • 'but if you ask advice, you've gotta also be able to take it.' - Well said :D

    • Hey, you're not bad, I think you'll do well. Next time you see a guy you like, USE WILL POWER. Just stop and say hi, that's all you need. Good luck!

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