Am I moving to fast? I really need help cuz I like this guy?

I've been talking to this guy and I have made every attempt to hang out with him and yet he always comes up with something we've been texting the whole time will talk on the phone maybe twice he doesn't want to face time well I asked him and he never text me back about it and then sometimes hell text back instantly and other times it'll take him hours and maybe a day or two should I just give up or just wait for him to text me back it's only been a few weeks


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  • If he doesn't respond to you in a week if you don't talk to him, then he's not interested and you're wasting your time.

    • So I should wait a week?

    • Wait a week, check a response - no response means he doesn't care enough. If he doesn't care, just brush your shoulder and keep walking.

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