What would be the maximum amount of time you should go without talking to them?

So I've been texting this guy and we usually talk for hours, usually to 3-4 am. We usually talk every other day or so. The longest we haven't talked was maybe 4 days.
I know you aren't supposed to talk to the person you like every single day, because it can get boring. Which I completely understand.
So what would you say your maximum is, before you should start worrying?


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  • As long as you want. Someone who truly cares will be happy to hear from you months later. There's no guarantee they'll be single then but if they care they'll still be happy to talk to you. Texting has really messed up dating. In the past people wouldn't speak to each other for weeks or months but they continued on with their lives until that person came back. Did they stop caring about each other? No probably not. The bonds we make face to face are much stronger and should always take priority. Cell phones however have fostered this idea of perpetual closeness where someone is constantly responding positively to you and you can remain away from the discomfort of rejection but it's a fake high. When you're texting someone you're not really into them you're into the fantasy version of him that you've built from a few written words. It's a fake high just like a drug. The more often you do it the higher you get and the harder you crash. So tell the guy that you really like him but you want to spend more face to face time and less texting. Or at least that's what I recommend.

    • wow thank you so much!

    • Your welcome :)

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  • My advice is switch it up. Start texting less and calling more, because it's a better use of time and more personal. That way, you can have a nice conversation in about 20 minutes, get to know the person better, and then catch up on sleep. Also, I wouldn't put a tag on how long you should go without talking to someone. Do what feels right. Don't hold back on texting him if you miss talking to him unless he has explicitly told you that he needs space.

  • iv text this girl like 24/7 every single day for the past 2-3months lol. and ye it can get boring but it doesn't beat the good feeling i get inside when i see they text me haha, can't wait to see her again in a few months time. gna sex her up good ;)


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  • Sometimes me and my bf will only send each other a simple ''Goodnight'' text for about 3 days in a row, but after that I generally get annoyed and facetime him or something. I think your idea of four days is probably a good maximum :D Usually if people aren't communicating with you as much as usual there's no reason to worry though, theyre just surprisingly busy :)

  • Personally I like seeing the person than texting as long as I see you once a week or so you don't have to talk to me through text it... It all depends on you and the guy... You don't have to text him everyday but if you want that's your preference if he doesn't want to text you everyday that doesn't mean he hates you it's just his preference. Physical interaction is the best interaction to me.

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