How can I be attracted to another guy other than my ex?

me and the ex dated for 3 years..

i know this sound weired but i have a bit of a problem being attracted to other guys, but there is this one guy im attracted to, but not the way i was attracted to my ex,.. sexually, mentally,...

my ex left me for looks, some chick that looks like megan fox, ouchh! but im still attracted to him the way when i first met him,:/

how can i open my mind and attraction towards other guys so i can fully move on,?


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  • I think you have to stop comparing new guys you date to your ex. If not you will keep on doing it. I also think a good way to get over the ex is go out and have fun and do things that make you happy. Focus on yourself and I think you won't be to focus or caught up on the ex. Also not every guy will have the total package. Im not saying you just settle for anything but keep in mind that other guys you may not be fully connected physically, mentally and sexually. Sometimes it can be two out of the three, etc. Something can always be lacking.


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