Does she like me? Will there be a chance?

I met her ( girl a ) with her friend ( girl b)

I was Mainly talking to b while a stood aside silently

Later, I liked both of them both

Talked to both on Facebook

B ignored me after a while , a kept in touch but didn't talk a lot.

Managed to meet up with a and talk face to face ( didn't hear her voice before this ) after 4 months

First thing. She Asks is u still talking to b?

I couldn't just say yea I tried but she ignored me right?

So I just said uh... I'm not sure...

She brought it up again later.

I said yea when I left that day I messaged everyone in ur group , guys girls. Then I stopped talking to her.

She then said since u going HK next week, she might be there, u guys can meet.

She asked me a lotta family questions like about my family

But when i tried to meet up again after , she just said I will let u know.

And when I sent a fb message saying I enjoyed the night, trust u got home safely, and let me know if I can help u while ur in my city. She nv replied.

She can't be thinking I'm too much of a player or anything right? Should I explain? But then I don't even know whether she likes me.

I just want one gf, sure I like both of them, but I will just take one. And now I feel I really want a , especiallyafter the meeting.

On the other hand, if a doesn't like me could b like me since a
Keeps bringing it up and perhaps b talked to her? But b ignored me on fb after like one reply. Although she was really friendly when we first met and even waved goodbye to me when she left the train I was on and she was on.

But I'm thinking probably both doesn't like me.


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  • They do feel like you're playing them, but you should explain to girl A that you just like her. Girls don't like to feel like you're playing with them, just to break their hearts. If you do like her then you should tell her. Once she knows that I'm sure she will understand.

    • Any ideas how I can explain? It seems weird If I say I liked both of u, b ignored me so now I'm after u. She will always feel secondhand. But if I say I don't like b, and I like u then she will know I tried to talk to b before...

    • Don't mention b. Be like "I like you and I'd like to get to know you more. " tell her that you like her and make her understand that, If she mentions B don't make a big deal about it. Say "yes we did talk for a short while" Make it known to her that you didn't want B and that you only wanted her. If you want you could say that you talked to her to get closer to A.

  • Dude... Your probably confusing them both... Choose one that u like and ask her on a date.

    The end


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