Is it wrong for an 11th grade girl to be with an 8th grade boy?

I met this guy recently at this recreation type center and we were hanging out, playing basketball, and I was led to believe he was older. But I later found out he was only 14 and I'm 16!! We don't hang out outside this recreation center but he likes me a lot and I kinda like him, then again he is kinda immature (what 8th grade boy isn't?) He wants to go out with me and I told him I just wanna be friends, but I kinda like him. It's the summer rn and I just wanted to have fun kinda just kicking it or messing around, but he can't understand that and he wants something more. If it wasn't for the age thing I'd be all over that, I mean yes I'm attracted to him and we do flirt, and have intense hugs. But what really bothers me is other people in my business asking, "do you guys go out?" Or having comments like that's nasty you two being together, or just nosey people in general. I want to get to know him more though whether just friends or a relationship.

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  • My wife which we have been married now for a little over 20 years is 10 years younger than I am. Age to me is a crutch that people use to press morality to things which they have no business being involved in. If you and he have a mutual attraction and share common likes and dislikes then what is the problem. If people give you a lot of grief about it just ask them what is wrong with them and when the only thing they can say is his age just laugh at them and say "that's it then I guess I made a good choice because there are a lot of things wrong with other guys". If you really like the guy then age and other people opinions shouldn't matter.


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  • Well the difference is grade is pretty fucking weird, but the age thing is ok ig. I don't know just if people ask what grade he is in, just say he is 14 and avoid the grade question.


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  • In my opinion that's a little weird but 8th grade boys are practically grown these days so I can see why you are attracted to him

  • I'm a freshman dating a senior and thats the same gap so