Previous crush. I want to tell her but I shouldn't. What should I do?

In high school I had a severe crush on a girl. I never had the balls to talk to her and now a few years later I'm in a committed relationship with someone else. The thing is though, I'm not sure if I ever got over this girl whom I never dated and could barely talk to. I saw her today and she still makes my heart stop a beat, my mind goes blank, my palms sweat, and my stomach goes into my throat.
I regret never trying with here and it's killing me now. Like I said I'm in a committed relationship and that's not going to change but what should I do. Should I talk to this girl and just tell her my feelings? Would that be fair to her? I don't want anything to come out of it so I'm not even sure as to why I want to do this, but I do


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  • Bad idea. If she feels the same way, then you might inadvertently start the fire again in both of you. Which could eventually lead to you cheating - or, at the very least, torment you with the desire to cheat.

    Do you love your girlfriend? Because that makes a difference.

    • Thanks for saying that... It was something that I knew but needed someone else to say. Yes I do love my girlfriend.

    • You're welcome :)
      Everyone needs a shove in the right direction at some stage in their lives; glad I could help.
      All the best with your girlfriend :)

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