Im 14 quite ugly and need some honest advice on how to get a girl that is a bit out of my league (if thats possible)?

Ok so im 14 and on a scale of 1/10 im a 5 or a 6 at max (appearance wise). So yea im not the most handsome guy you'll ever see but Im not disturbingly ugly by any means. I have a lot of friends and I would say 80% of the people who know me, like me as a person. Im quite confident and relaxed around girls and something I pride myself about is my sense of humor. I can make basically everyone laugh (girls included) without like humiliating myself or something. Just plain old humor. However, I'm not that "successful" with girls my age. I have had 2 girlfriends before with who out relationships were like 1-2 months long. I'll stop bubbling now. For the past year or so I have been talking to a really hot girl my age but almost only through texts. She has been throwing hints here and there but nothing major that I could REALLY say "oh she likes me". The problem is that she's really stupid and doesn't have an exciting character so during this time that we were talking I wasn't so into her. However, for a while now (1 month or so) I'm thinking of her very often and I really like her (yes suddenly). We will both be at the same Island for holidays in a few days and we have told each other to meet up there if possible. The problem is that even though I believe I have a good chance with her I can't get off my mind that "dude. She's out of your league" thing. Is it really true? Or do I have a chance? Should I go for it? And if yes, how should I approach her?
If you have read this whole thing thank you so much! Sorry if I have some mistakes here and there I'm from Greece... Anyway I would be SO happy if someone can answer me this question :) thank you again for reading all this thing and I hope you answer me!

  • Should I go for it during my stay at this place?
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  • Should I just build my relationship with her while Im there and ask her out another time?
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  • Should I Forget about it as she's out of my league?
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Thanks everyone for their answers they were really helpful! :) Is there anyone that could advice me on HOW to approach her? Thanks again


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  • You do seem like a nice person, who has wonderful characters. First, I think that looks aren't that important, seriously, some hot dude can be a jerk while some not-as-hot dude can treat girls right, and even to me (psst, I am as well under eighteen) I feel like the looks come in second, while the personality comes on top. Second, you cannot be so sure that she is into you, maybe she just text cute, or etc. So don't go meet with with an expectation that you guys are definitely going to be together. You should go meet her to hang out and such, but don't start fully chasing her yet, know her personality by talking face to face, and see how she deals with things. THEN, you decide if you should keep on trying or moving on.

    Best of luck:)


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  • ses probably not out of your league. If she's talking to you She doesn't think that. Id say go for it dude!

  • I don't think you should worry about the "out of my league" thing. If she's shown genuine interest, that is a good sign.

  • I am 14 to just be your self

  • 1) Money
    2) Power
    3) good looks

    a man needs 2 of these and he will have women.


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  • Hit them over the head with a club; once they a sleep. Grab her hair and drag back into the cave. #alphamale.