Has being in a committed relationship ever affected how you perceive others?

For example, after being with my girlfriend for a while now I now find it harder to be attracted to other women. Like, you need to be incredibly gorgeous for me to look your way nowadays.

Also, being in a relationship I've seemed to have gained 75% confidence in talking to women. Not flirting, but conversing without getting incredibly nervous.


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  • I feel the same, I'm more confident talking to guys. But it's never flirting. It's always me talking about my boyfriend. But unfortunately because of things it's made me view any single girl at events we go to as a threat, or someone I have to keep an eye on (also it's the type of girls that come to the parties we have)...


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  • Oh yeah, while I was in a relationship all I could see was all the happy single people. Out of a relationship I only see the happy couples.

    • I always hear people say that, but I ALWAYS see happy couples lol. Everyone that's single just complains how lonely they are. I for one can't see how anyone could be happy single. If you like to party and have meaningless sex I could see relationships as a hindrance, but otherwise the single life doesn't seem fun.

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    • why is your name cosine tangent?

    • Why is everyone's username what it is? lol.

      Personally I love math, and when I was creating my account I was looking at my graphing calculator and thought "eh, how about cosine tangent? yolo".

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  • I used to get really jealous very quickly. I also started feeling guilty because I couldn't feel things for a couple of my exes.