I left him, cuz my parents forced me to do that. Now after a year, I want us to friends again. what should I do? what if he didn't want to talk to me?

Well, last year, I was in a relationship, with a really amazing guy. He was willing to do everything just to make me happy. he loved me for who I am. Even though I just met him in the internet, He was going to come here and meet me. But we didn't meet anyways. because I ruined it. It's all because my parents found out that he is coming, so they forced me to deactivate my facebook. and stop talking to him. On the pretext that I am young, and I am supposed to forget about these stuff. So, I sent him a message, and told him that we should stay away from each other, that I wish him a good life. and that he finds a better girl. He was really sad, and told me ' I will wait for you, and I will do anything to meet you, we should stay together' But all I did was leaving him with a rude reply. after like two weeks, I came back to Facebook (he relized that) so, he commented on one of his pictures that I posted, and tagged him in when we were together, saying ''delete it'' I was in a bad mood so I deleted it, and deleted him too. I mean unfriended him. I felt so bad of what I did, therefore I was distracting myself by reading books, and sports trying to forget about that story. These days, I was having dreams about him, and I wake up confused every time. so I realized that I am not okay, and that I can't live happily because I hurt somebody who didn't do anything bad to me. It simply hurts me way more. Yesterday I thought myself, Maybe I should message him anonymously, talk to him smh, and then apologize. But I am worried, what if he blocks me, or won't reply me when he knows that it is me. I really need help.


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  • Do it. The poor guy deserves an apology and an explanation. Do you still have feelings for him?

    • Yes, I do.
      But I don't want to ruin it anymore.
      I guess I will be fine with being his friend, so that I won't feel bad anymore.
      I will do that, thank you. (:

    • Its even better if you still have feelings for him! He will have trouble trusting you but make sure to tell him that you know what went wrong and the last time was because of your parents :-) Fingers crossed he hasn't moved on!

    • Thank you for MH :-D

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  • do it. what's the worst thatcould happen? he doesn't talk to you. that's already the case. plus he deserve to know whype.

    • Yes, he does. and I will do that. I will apologize to him. I really hope he replies me back. Or, do you think I should make him promise me if I told him who I am to keep talking to me though? Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

    • Its really your choice. It seems like your parents are not so survive of this relationship you have. but if you truly love him you can talk to him. its your choice if you follow your parents or your heart.