Why can't I find a girlfriend?

I'm 33 years old, have a great job, women say I'm very good looking. I'm sweet, loving and I love kids. I'm ready to settle down with the person I'm going to spend my life with. But I can't even find a girlfriend. So what is wrong with me? Am I just to old and missed my chances. Help me out girls


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  • Oh there's this awesome quote, i can't remember exactly...
    Life will test you in two ways: 1. By having everything happen at once.
    2. By having nothing happen at all.

    Life's handing you a big old smelly number 2, and you just gotta shake it off and focus on doing things that make you happy, and taking chances on some unfamiliar faces.


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  • Bring divorced, I'm guessing you second doubt youself


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  • Are you meeting women and they're not interested or just not meeting anyone suitable? Assuming it's the former I'd suggest trying to broaden your social circle and try to meet different kinds of women but it's hard to answer without more information.