Went on a few dates last year but I wasn't interested then, bumped into him now, don't know if I should ask him to hang out sometimes?

My question kinda says a lot but here's the full (though I'll try to keep it short) story:
Met a guy in highschool, lost touch, he lives in my street and we bumped into eachother again last year. We went on a few dates but I wasn't really feeling it and I didn't want to keep him hanging on. It can take a while before I get to the butterfly stage. We lost touch for a year and I bumped into him again today. We had a chat and that was that. Let's put it like this: I wouldn't mind seeing him again.
Though a year ago I wasn't intrested and then we lost touch. What if, we meet up again, go on dates and I'm still not feeling it? I don't want to play him.
I told him I'm going to a certain party tonight and I was thinking of texting him casually like: "hey, nice seeing you again today. If you're at *insert party* tonight, let me know :)"
Any thoughts?


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  • That's exactly what you should do. If you want something, make it known. See how he reacts, but also leave him enough wiggle room so he can make his mind up.


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