How soon do guys tell their friends about a girl they're seeing?

As a girl I tell all my close friends about a guy right away. I give them all the details in the beginning lol because it's fun and exciting :)

I have a feeling guys aren't like this though. If a guy is seriously interested in a girl, would he be likely to tell his friends after a couple dates? Or do guys typically not share stuff lol


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  • It depends on the girl, usually I only tell my friends after a couple dates and if I have good chemistry with her. If I go on a few dates with a girl and am not into her I won't tell my friends about her.


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  • I tell all my close freinds about every girl I go out with. Where I met her, all the cool stuff we did on the date. My guys know the girl well before I ever bring her around. Guys gossip way more then you might think


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