Help with libra man? Need urgent advice?

Okay so I know for a fact libras don't like confrontation, when me and my guy Who's more then a friend argue or talk he tries to defuse the conversation or he walks away from it. Which is annoying for me as I'm a taurus & once I get going I don't stop.

Anyways so a couple weeks ago we got in a massive argument which for once he actually saw through, during that time he told me he cared about me, had a lot of time for me and respected me. He also said if he really didn't care he wouldn't be having this conversation with me now and how he never argues with anyone.

Yet after all this he ended up cutting ties with me for the week then came runing back to me? Why the cold shoulder? & did he really mean it when he cared?


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  • Im a Libra and I don't back down like that, but I also realize when I know an argument is going nowhere and opinions aren't going to change my response is usually to say "Okay" "Whatever" "You're Right" we give into the argument to avoid further confrontation or say something we dont really mean. Meanwhile deep down Im shaking my head. Listen as a libra and other libras I know we are quick tempered but very passionate. I will also tell you that I consider myself a very loyal and determined being but we also don't do well once we feel we've been wronged. If you guys haven't been serious or serious for long maybe he was just cooling off. Another thing about myself and the libras I know we can be shy, nervous, and can be insecure. If you like the guy I think you should tell him. Just talk to him, maybe he's looking for reassurance that you guys aren't going to argue all the time. If you feel a connection I say take a shot and let him know.

    • He's known since April I like him. He's only really told me how he feels when he was drunk. It's mostly in his actions he shows affection. Holding my hand, kissing my forehead, hugs, massages. But I'm still unsure how he feels.

      Also what's with the coming back after cutting me off? I thought libras once they made their mind up stuck too it? I think he was a little pissed as I ended things not long before the argument & he was confused & I think he was hurt but didn't want to show it.

      I'm having such a hard time with this libra man!

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  • Astrology is annoying. Look, libras and I argue all the time. I confront, sometimes I cower. Astrology's just a bunch of guess work, I think if you restate your problem a little more, I think I could help.

    • I guess I kinda want to know if he meant it when he said he acted and how one moment he wants me out of his life & then 5 days later decides he wants me back?

      It's like no mater how many times we end things we can't seem to stay away from each other more then a week. Would you say that was due to connection? I feel like we have connection but not sure on his end!

    • Stick to your gut feeling. Don't reject him, don't forgive him, take him out, keep feelings reserved and just start like you would to a friendzoned dude. Just get him to talk and listen, if he sounds like someone who's hiding something, who is looking the other way out of nervousness, then you got someone who is not sincere. Maybe he's actually nervous, but you can tell between the two.

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  • What sign are you? Some signs are not compatible with libras.

    • I'm a taurus. Which we are due to Venus.

    • Not good for u. Yeah they are too flaky for u. Typical air sign traits... Flaky n not grounded. He is not ready for u emotionally speaking. Tell him that, maybe that would slap some sense of reality into him and you'll make his clouds disappear. 😉.

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