Either he's shy or he's just not interested?

recently I had a date with a casual acquaintance i'd met through friends. we'd been aware of each other because we ran into each other at social occasions, but he'd always sort of teased me and I honestly thought he didn't like me. in fact, the overall impression I got was that he was a little bit of a jerk, seeing girls and not getting overly attached.
he surprised me by asking me out so I thought, what the hell? he picked me up, hugged me hello, opened the car door and restaurant door, and generally acted like a gentleman. at dinner, there was one of those moments where he fixated on my lips for a moment and then looked away. VERY promising. but throughout the meal, he would stare out the window as if he was avoiding my gaze as we talked. he paid for dinner, I thanked him, then he brought me home. we talked and watched a movie. He looked SO tense, with his arms crossed over his chest. I took a chance and laid my head on his shoulder for a few minutes, then shifted away. he loosened up then, sort of stretching out and putting one arm over his head. completely open body language. when the movie was over, we got up and I walked him to the door, thanked him for a very nice evening and opened the door. he gave me a loose hug and left. no kiss. major disappointment. is he just not into me?


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  • No, he really likes you. Good observation though, I really think he cares.


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