Drunk dial drunk text situation help please?

So there's this guy that I really like and he says he likes me just as much but we just talking for now but anyways I drunk dialed him last night I drunk texted first and lot of my words were not even words lol just a bunch of random stuff and you could make out some stuff and I even typed out I'm drunk (spelled with a few extra letters lol) so he knew I was and just told me to have fun and be safe and was checking in on me to make sure I wasn't the one driving that's it. He was playing beer pong with his friends and at this point I was even more messed up and went to the club with some friends and drunk dialed him and I don't remember what all I said but I do remember that I kept saying I miss you and he didn't hear me the first time or didn't reply and I said again and he said I miss you too. And then he asked can we just text? Since he was playing beer pong with his friends and I got more messed up and didn't call him or text him anymore (got more messed up) and he hasn't said anything either. Now it's the next day and I don't know what to say to him how to apologize for doing that ! And does he think differently of me now will it ruin our chances of ever being more? I don't want him to think I'm crazy or clingy ;(


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  • Yeah, say you're sorry about drunk dialing and you really meant what you said and you're grateful that he was concerned about your safety. So, does this sound awkward?

    • Are you asking me if it sounds awkward or should I ask him that? I feel like a hot mess. do you think our chances are ruined? We have only been talking for a month and a half and I don't want him to be scared off already thanks for answering !

    • Jut tell him yourself what I said above.

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