If a girl says she just got a hectic life and stressful so she can't date!

So I met this girl on tinder last week. We went on two dates first night I went back to hers we slept together but no sex then the next day she came over and we hung out at the pool. We both had an amazing night. She actually told me that she was scared that she will really like me.
So on tues morning I texted her saying have a good day at work and she replied straight away. On wed night I called her and she picked up and said she's busy can't talk so I hung up and txted her saying call me back when u r free. So I waited two hours and called again no answer. So I waitedtill fri and msged her saying we should hang out sat night.
Then she msged me saying her life just got hectic and stressful wants to focus on it.
I want girl perspective have I scared away? If I chill and message her back in few weeks will she reply?


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  • Your first mistake is waiting 2 hours and then calling. BIg NO NO! You said call me when your free and then called her two hours later? Id consider you being on the verge of stalking. If you say call me when you are free... you wait till she calls! PERIOD! no exceptions. Id see you as being clingy.. She may be turned off by this. You need to calm down and go do something with yourself and forget about her... go on a date with another girl! If this busy girl is interested she will contact you. Learn from this experience and find another woman.


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  • It means she don't have enough time to date because she is dealing with some mayor issues at the moment, her mind is busy, most of the time she wouldn't be available in case of having a relationship. Relationship needs time to make it work, she don't have that right now. Maybe in the future but not now.

  • sounds like an excuse.

  • There have been plenty of times my life has suddenly got real hectic and guys had to wait.
    They never really believed me though, and thought I was just blowing them off, even after I told them it's not the case.
    She could be busy, or she could be blowing you off. Just keep in contact and see how it goes and what vibe you get.


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