Shall I tell him now about this girl or after?

I want to tell this guy im interested in him (he likes me too).
The issue that bathers me, is with this girl in the office that he's beeing over friendly with her. shall i tell him that when i tell i like him, or later on? (If we're in a relationship)

(I have a feeling he's trying to make me jealous with this girl beacause he haven't been so friendly with her all the time)


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  • Just tell him how you feel when you get the chance, don't put it off, otherwise you might lose your edge.


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  • Tell him how you feel, but don't try to control who he's allowed to talk to. Also, tell him now in case he's genuinely interested in this other girl, otherwise you might lose your chance.

    If it works out between the two of you and he keeps pushing it with this other girl, then that might be the time to let him know it bothers you, but not before you're actually exclusive with each other.

  • You're not in a relationship, or even dating. He can talk to whomever he wants. If a girl came up to me and said "hey I really like you but it makes me jealous when you talk to so in so". I'd laugh and move on with my life. That would be an indicator of what's to come, if you're jealous now I could only imagine how jealous you'd become later on.

    • What if i tell that he's trying to make me jealous on purpose? when ever his friend talks to me about this girl, he's like:" does it make you jealous"?

    • I wouldn't say anything about it. Just tell him how you feel. If things go well, then I'd tell him about it latter on down the road.

  • at the moment your in no position to say anything aboutit or make decisions for him in his life, in a relationship you might have more power to do so.


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