How do I become less available?

How do I become less available but not to the point where he won't try to see me anymore? This guy who I've been talking to kinda calls the shots. He works more than me so in some cases the ball is in his hands since he's busier. However sometimes he'll make potential plans with me but they won't follow through and I'm kind of left feeling like "okkk? I thought we were supposed to do something". Mean while he'll have a back up plan. What do I do?


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  • If you are not in a relationship with him yet I would just say don't cancel plans for him. Be available enough that he can see you if he tries, but not every day whenever he calls. When you tell him you aren't available be really sweet about it. Say something like "oh i'm so sorry but I already told ___ I would do this with her... Maybe ___" You could give him an alternative day to work with if you wanted to. If he says that's the ONLY day and ONLY time he can see you, stick to your guns.. It might actually make him more attracted to you.

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