Guys help please.! Date night?

Do you guys enjoy taking girls on dates? Like to nice places. Or just movie time at your place? What's your favorite? What's the benefits of either?


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  • Depends on the guy. If he's not very confident movies may suit him better. You could always give him a few options to choose if you were trying to make sure he had the date he'd be happy with. My night would probably be what I like to do anyway, so Movie and Dinner. I'd take her out to Dinner I wouldn't cook myself, however, I'd prefer eating something she cooked at her place to a restaurant, depending on how fancy we wanted the dinner to be.

    Benefit of nice places is they're more interesting and less stress for the person than hosting at home. Home has the personal touch, but it's a stress while a lot cheaper.

    Home can be awkward if you're starting out or things go wrong, outdoors you can simply change venue.


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  • Of course I enjoy dates. I like doing things like going out in the winter parks, ice skating (we didn't have that in Ancient Greece). It's also nice being able to relax in a library and to go over novels or theories of any sort - then engage in debate.

  • At your age? Pizza and a "movie" then sex when no one's home :)

    • Thank you But I'm 22. I have no idea What happened in my info to say I'm not even 18 yet

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    • I am in college (: My fiance is in the navy. He likes both date night and stay home and I got to thinking about the difference of the two and was wondering what majority of Guys perfer

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