How busy are guys in the Air Force?

I have been "dating" this guy we "text" every so often (usualy it was all the time/ we talked on the phone once). And sometimes he doesn't initiate until a week or so later. I am little confused I have no idea what to expect from someone who is in the military. Can someone give some tips or anything to help me understand. It doesn't bother me that much that we don't talk that often and I wanted to know if it is a bad sign if someone doesn't contact you in over a week. And are men in the military very busy? Thank you so much for your time and I really appreciate your answers. I am a little clueless about this. Also he is not in basic training... he has been doing this for a long time. I think his rank is a sgt? Again thank you. Sorry for any mistakes.


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  • Depends on where he is stationed, what his job is, how much help he has, etc. There are too many factors to estimate how much time he has free. In the Navy, I had times that I was working less than 8 hrs a day, and at other times it was 16 hrs or more a day, seven days a week.

    • Thank you. I honestly have no idea. I am still getting to know him.

    • Thank you for MH :-)

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  • they can be pretty busy and even if they do get free time it doesn't always mean they will spend all that time texting you.

    • Thank you. I honestly completely understand that. I know that he works hard. I don't feel comfortable taking all his time. So I usually don't contact him that often. I just wanted to make sure what I was getting myself into. Thanks.

    • yeah well i think its okay if you send him messages now and then. but just dont stress out about it when he takes so long to respond. since he is a higher rank he has to display proper discipline and morale. and he should be pretty busy. if he is a serious person in the military then he won't be sneaking way to get a text out ya know? he will prioritize and be responsible. traits of a man.

    • I understand. You are awesome!!! Thanks again.

  • Depends on the day, but they can be very busy! My uncle is in the Air Force and he seems to be working or training all the time lol


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