Guy friend says I'm the one who got away?

A few years back I was super close with this one guy, he was one of my best friends. We had kind of a weird falling out and I haven't seen or talked to him in about 3 years.

One of my friends saw him out the other night, he was super drunk but he was telling her how I'm the one who got away and he always wished he dated me. He told her to tell me all of this... so he knows now that I know (unless he was so drunk he forgot..)

I'm not physically attracted to him at all and I would not be interested in dating him, but I miss him so much as a friend. Would it be mean of me to reach out to him just to be friends again and not want to date him? Or since I am not into him like that do you think I should just not even do anything about it. I don't want to get his hopes up.


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  • You'd get his hopes up for sure. You could try just saying over social media that you hope he's doing well


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  • Don't entertain any type of friendship with this guy. He is never going to change and he will always want you. You cannot be friends with him. What a disaster that would end in.


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