Shy Girl Denying Feelings? Or?

A few years ago I got really close to this shy girl. It was obvious we liked each other, people thought we were dating actually! She was all smiles when talking, and would stare at me often and give off other body signs.

Well, eventually I left for college, and after coming back for spring break I could tell something wasn't quite right. She made excuses about not wanting to hang out. Something happened between this time and I'm not sure what.

After that she completely stopped talking to me. She ignored me for about a year.

I recently moved back from college and we started talking again. She came over to my house and we hung out... a few times we stayed up really late texting.

Eventually I told her how I felt and that I wanted to officially be her boyfriend. She told me she didn't feel the same way, and the reason she ignored me was because she didn't want to hurt my feelings. She said that she felt I did some things that came off too strong and weirded her out... one time I sent her candy for Christmas and so on.

At this point I totally believed her... we joked about some of the things I did and then I said "you know, you did some things that came across pretty strong too..." (she told me that she loved me, we said that two or three times actually) I started to bring this up and then she flipped out and was like NO NO! PLEASE DON'T BRING THAT UP! Then she blocked me on Facebook.

Being persistent, I texted her after being blocked. She said someone must have taken her phone and texted me the I love you message, then she ended up saying she was being young and stupid at the time.

I bought her whole story until that happened... it was obvious she had feelings for me back then. I figured she'd say something like "Yes I had feelings, but they went away." But she never admitted that, she got real defensive and acted like she never felt anything.

She's never had a boyfriend, and doesn't like talking about feelings. Am I reading too deep into this?


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  • Definitely reading to deep. Doesn't matter that she's never had a boyfriend (that you know of). She is not interested. Actions speak louder than words bro. This was never anything, and it never will be. Case closed.

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