How do I get my ex boyfriend back?

We have been out of contact for a week now, but it was a stupid fight for stupid reasons. Should I just let him cool off or try to reach out?


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  • let him cool off first. he is obviously blinded by anger now like any other human in this situation. if he really loves you he will automatically come back to you once that anger subsides


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  • Would help to know what its about. With not knowing would suggest to give him space.

    • we were together 5 years and this past year i went off to college and it was difficult but we made it and well my last 3 weeks of college he called upset saying "he didn't think his parents loved each other anymore" bc he heard them fighting. i told him it was going to be ok and just don't worry. well a week later they got a divorce and its finals week and I'm drowning in work. and the day i got home from college he broke up with me and told me he felt neglected, but he didn't speak to me about this at all while i was at school.

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