Brother and his girlfriend set her sister and I up on a date 10 months and still not dating?

OK so as topic says and my Grammer is not so good on cell heads up. My brothers girlfriend sister and I have been talking txting and went out to meet each other once in a 10 month period so I asked why to her older sister she said there her site has trust issues because their dad cheat on the mom when they were young it took an impact on her life since then she has not had any boyfriends and she is still a virgin at the age of 26 well that dose not matter to me she is beautiful and I would like her to be my best friend / girlfriend / wife we get along great and she messages me everyday asking how my day is going and more personal messages for I to know only. So I asked her out the following weekend when the day of the date I called but cell not working I text a few times and was all ready but time past and then she replied saying she is very sorry her phone was not working could not do anything and was won ding why I was not calling her but she had to leave with her mom on her vacation then next day a messages still continue.. so I would like to know is this normal or is she just not into me then I'm sure she would of said something a lot earlier in the sort of relationship we have going on thanks for the time on reading this and will be looking for to hear from your threads.

I need a ladies comment if it takes that long for a relationship to happen


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  • Sometimes, especially with a shy girl who's also a "good girl". I lost my v extremely late to, and he had to wait a bit for things to progress to even more regular dates let alone anything else

    • I don't want anything more but her to just be there a little bit more and get to know each other I don't care for the sex part I'll wait till marriage if that's the case I'm having feelings for her and want her to have the same and I'm sure she will she's a mama's girl lives with her mom still but she did buy herself a condo what is awesome for her, I to own a condo I am strong in all life forms that she sees I'm happy when we talk I make her laugh just all the small stuff that counts that will soon work into the bigger picture for the both of us you are saying. Thanks I very much appreciated your time and you input

    • Yw. Good luck with her, I really hope things go well for you both. She sounds lovely.

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