Falling for my best friend's guy?

One of my good friends met this guy a few weeks back ata bar. I guess you could say that they have been "talking" ever since. She introduced me to him about a week after she met him, and me and him instantly hit it off. He's SO funny and we have the same sense of humor, but I didn't really think anything of it at first. She pretty much sat there quietly all night while me and him were talking and joking around and laughing. She texted me later that night and told me she was annoyed with him because he had made some joke about how me and him are both Irish so we should be the ones dating. Then, the next day, we all hung out again with another friend of his. We couldn't find anything to do so we just decided to play catch with a football in the yard. me and him were both down, but she was being a complaining bitch about it. So she ended up sitting by herself while we played catch. He started teaching me how to throw a football and like had his hands over mine and I was kind of like "shit". It pretty much hit me right then that I was starting to like him. She then texted me later that night and said that she was angry at him because he always makes comments about me and insists on touching me (using the football example). She said she wasn't angry with me because she trusts me... so that made me feel guilty for starting to like him. Last night we were all hanging out again, and yet again she got angry over something unimportant that he did. (She is the definition of a clingy uptight girl) So while she was being pissed off angry, me and him were having a good time laughing and talking. I just think me and him are a better match than him and her are... but since she met him first and pretty much had dibs on him, I know girl code says I can't go for him. But I really think I'm developing feelings for him, but i don't know what to do because I don't want to hurt the friendship between me and her.


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  • Stop hanging out with him. It will only end up tempting you both and hurting your friend. The fact you are already rationalizing that you are a better match, is not a good sign. The fact you use girl code as an excuse not to date him, instead of the fact you would break your friends heart, and when you call her clingy and uptight, when she clearly has reason to be upset, show you are already emotionally distancing yourself from your friend, so you won't feel as guilty when you betray her.


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  • Anonymous has got this covered from top to bottom.

  • I see it as you snooze you lose.

    She met him first so she gets to keep him. And friends code also says you shouldn't date a friends ex if it gets to that point.

    Best to move on and find someone else. there's a billion + guys out there, there has to be another guy like him.


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