Should I ask this girl out on a date? If so, should I do it now?

I just started talking to this girl and she started out flirty but hasn't really been too flirty
She stops replying to my texts but she's also busy a lot
Should I ask?


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  • Do you like her.. like want-you-to-be-my-girlfriend kind of like? If you are sure with your feelings, then you should tell her how you feel, something lovely and magical might turn out. If you are not, I think you should just take a step back and see where she goes from there, like what others said, she might just have a flirty personalities, might not be her feelings. I still think you should ask her out, NOW, because you shouldn't give up, and you don't know what might turn out. If she is interested in you, then fantastic, keep it up. And if not, then you won't have to worry about her liking you or not, if it's easy enough, you can just move on.

    Only the best wishes and luck.


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  • It depends what do you guys do when you're flirting? She can just have a flirty personality


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  • Take one step back, and play slightly hard to get. If she comes to you, or if you talk to her again and she blows you off, she's not interested. If she does come back proceed. If she doesn't, she's not worth your time.