How do I meet my girlfriends parents?

I have only met them once before, but that was when me and my girlfriend were just good friends. By the sounds of it, her dad isn't too happy about her getting a boyfriend, and I'm not sure what to do when I meet the parents. PLEASE HELP!!!


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  • I only have over protective brothers, and no sisters, and my parents probably wouldn't even think a hypothetical king of the world was good enough for me lol.
    But my boyfriend had to meet them one day. He lived through it and they have grown to like him, or at least just accept that I'm going to actually have boyfriends. But because they feel uncomfortable he's the first guy of mine that I thought was serious enough for them to meet, still with him now.
    Anyway, she should prep you well first on things that they really hate in guys, or their opinions on young people today.
    Be very polite to everybody, not just them, that's probably a good thing to do in general anyway, but yea defo do it in front of them.
    Dress smart, but not like you were trying too hard to impress them.
    Make sure your hair is cut neatly, not too long and definitely not too short.
    Don't tell them any crap about you really like his daughter, he won't care, but show him instead. I would hope you treat her very well anyway, but step it up on that night, get her her drinks, top up her cup, make sure she's ok just be attentive.
    If they cook, you tell them how delicious it is, if you go out to eat tell them what a nice place they picked.

    Every dad knows that one day his worst nightmare is gonna happen and his baby is going to sprout curves out of nowhere and start liking guys and they hate it and any guy who notices them, but if they know a guy will genuinely care for his daughter and take care of her and treat her well, he'll be happy.


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