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so there's this guy that I really like and we talk a lot on aim and the other night he gave me his cell phone number and said if I ever need anything just to text or call him.. so we've been texting a bit as well. Then on Friday one of our mutual friends held a pool party and he was there ..we talked a little but not a lot ..he was around his other friends quite a bit and I'm shy person and have just moved to the area so I'm still getting to know a lot of people. but at the end of the night he came up and hugged me and said we would talk soon. since then we haven't spoken and normally he comments on fb and stuff and he hasn't and I don't want to seem to pushy ...should I text ..call or something? please help..thank you :)


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  • text him something like "nice to c you the other night" or "hey how are u" or wanna c a movie ?" I fink he likes you but doesn't wanna scare you or make you think he is cumin on to strong. xxx good luck xxx

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