Should I be worried that he isn't telling anyone about me?

I went on a couple dates with this guy and I thought things were going really well. He's always sweet and tries to buy me something and is considerate of my boundaries and preferences.

He seems to like talking to me and is always asking me questions about myself and confiding personal info with me. He flirts with me too and teases me.

He's told me that he likes me and that he would like to be in a relationship with someone like me, and he told me he finds me very attractive.

He gets happy when I let him know that I told some friend about him and he asks what they think of him.

But the weird thing is that I don't think he has told anyone about me. Even his brother and they are very close.

We have only been on a couple dates, is that why he isn't telling anyone? But he genuinely seems crazy about me already.

Should I be worried that he isn't serious? He told me he wants a serious relationship.


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  • if you have made the relationship official thats when most people tell there family. i have been in relationships b4 were i have told my family im seeing someone and it hasn't gone any where, so now i wait till we make our relationship official (bf and gf) b4 telling my family.
    he's probably seeing if this relationship will be long term then he will tell his friends/family


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  • I think the reason why he hasn't told anyone as of yet because the two of you have only been on a couple of dates. He is just getting to know you. So far, he likes what you are working with. He doesn't want to move too fast, which is good because from what I see... he doesn't have an ulterior motive. One thing you said: he said,"he would like to be in a relationship with someone like me"... I mean that's a plus, but he could also just be dating right now... Men don't normally come out and tell women that they are taking other lady friends on dates... Not saying that he's doing that, but it could also be a possibility.
    As of right now, he seems good to go. I think that once when you guys reach the level where the two of you know each other in and out, the chemistry is there, then everything will fall into place and his family and friends will know all about you. Have a little patience on this one..

    Take care.

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