Guys (and girls) how do you feel when you like a girl/guy a lot?

Just wondering how other people feel. I've been seeing this guy and I'm starting to like him a lot. I get the butterflies whenever I see him, especially when we kiss. I feel like I could just lay with him for hours and want to stay there lol.

How do you guys feel when you like someone?


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  • I want to be close them all the time. For example, the girl I currently like is a good friend so I see her a lot just hanging out with groups of friends. So if I'm walking with her and she's cold, I want to give her my coat or put my arm around her. If we're watching a movie, I want to cuddle with her. Etc etc. Now unfortunately this hasn't been an option because she generally hates people touching her and we were living together last year so it wasn't really an option anyways, so then it was a combination of really liking being around her and
    being sad about not being able to do anything about it.


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  • I guess I feel warm and have a spring in my step

  • It fucking sucks!!. Stresses the hell out me.


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