Just being curious: what do you think guys and girls?

We all had it: where a guy at work would check girl out and vice a versa. now, same happening with me. 2 guys seems to be checking me out etc. one of them was looking and broke the ice and now says hi, which is nice. even his mate smiles and said hi other day. other guy noticed me and had a general small conversation. i could see he wants to look but sort of restrains himself. acts strange around me. he checks on me and gave big smile other day.

i am thinking whether it is up to a man to decide whether he sees nice girl and wants more or not, rather just being a work colleague. Sort of checks girl out to see how she reacts by just saying 'hi'.. trying to see how she will react. if i am a descent or not.. obviously, guy wouldn't be looking and saying hi after if he wasn't interested.. so i was just thinking what goes in guys minds when they see nice looking girl like in my case and then eventually break ice with me. do they want to know the girl more or just being friendly etc..

shall i give them more time and see how the conversation goes, look for that sign that guy wants to move etc.


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  • They want to know more. They want to get to know you because they like you. They're attracted to you and would like to talk with you more.

    The absolute best case scenario in guy's minds would be if the girl actually reciprocates and makes an effort to talk to him. If you were to do this, I guarantee that the guy (s) would appreciate it. Only lead on a guy if you're actually interested in him though. This means you should only be doing this with one of the guys (or neither of them) if you're not interested in either.

    • Well I do interested in both Guys.. guess I have to talk to them more to see what personality I like or closer to mine to choose one.

    • Sounds like a good idea to me

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  • It depends on what you're aiming for. If it's a fling, then you can afford to be messing around and letting them do all the work, but if you really like them and they are hot, then chances are they won't be on the market for long. It's your call, if you really need them, then make it more explicit, speed a date up and secure a commitment, otherwise let them pass the trials to see if they do have some decency.

    • well i do like both of the guys.. i just think its up to man to decide whether he wants more and therefore has to show interest and talk to me. Like saying hi etc.. obviously, i can show my sign of interest, but if its not moving anywhere its his lost and i just give it a shot. i want impose myself on a guy..

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    • haa ok :). we have no sun in UK. Its 9 pm here.

    • I totally dig British accents. Crap I'm in Canada!

  • Yeah, give them time. They're working there so they can afford to take more time to figure out if they want to try to be more than coworkers. It's a lot different from meeting somebody at a party or a club or something similar.

    • ha agree, however i wouldn't look for a bf in a club..

  • its both being friendly and wanting to get to know her, no dont give them time you have to approach and talk to at least one of the guys you like, guys are not going to do everything for you, girls gotta stop doing or thinking that guys are going to, and just because a guy doesn't say hi doesn't mean a girl can't say hi to a guy if she likes him, girls need to learn to make moves, and choose guys themselves and girls need to quit with the innocent puppet on a string routine, guys find that annoying

    • Well in that case he wants to know me and being friendly. OK, so it sort of one day I come speak to him other he? well, that's called not being needy and desperate. I will choose guy but I won't jump and smother guy and impose myself. Guy need to be interested equally.

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    • you probably won't get a guy being like that, guys like simplicity, otherwise a girl is a turn off, and guys move on to find someone better who will love him easier, guys dont like mind games or the chase games ether

    • yes i won't find a guy by imposing myself and come too strong to a guy! simplicity maybe.. simple for me-watch film he is not just into you.. believe me if guy cares-he will do something about, because that's the girl he wants! not the girl getting a guy by chasing him.. how he can love that girl if he didn't give her a chance.. just because she didn't smother him. nonsence!.. no one play games! just because guy have to go tyhat extra mile0its not a game. Its normal behaviour.

      mind game would be if i lead him on and then play cold and hot or pull away!.. don't mix things.

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