Would you date a man like this? This is question is for Protestant Christians. What would you say to your friend like this so he can find a wife?

This is a problem for him getting a woman. I have a friend who is a 35 year old black male, works at a plant, lives in a men's home and doesn't have a car. He has the money to get an apartment , clothes, car (save up) and chooses not to. He gets clothes from other people who donate there clothes to him, gets food from a Christian organization that helps people with food called forgotten harvest. He feels he doesn't need to do things that are common for a lot of people like get there own apartment, a car, buy clothes, buy food and improve he's self. He feels it is not necessary. He wants to get married and have children but he doesn't believe in goals. He is a good man of God and tries to be like Christ as much as possible. He thinks of others before himself and helps people (not financially). Other than going to work and church, he doesn't do anything else. He only buys what is absolutely necessary. I know this life in the world is temporary but does the bible say we should do more than the minimum? The problem here is he wants to be married and have children. Christian women have told him that it is good he is working and he goes to church. They've said it is good he helps others (not financially) and tries to be like Christ. The problem is they don't see any potential in him to do more. They want assurance and security. They want a man that can take care of a household. They want a man that wants more than to live in a men's home and they want a man that has a car. Or they want a man who is trying to get these things. He is not trying to do anything other than work to pay for what he has to pay for and go to church. He doesn't have motivation or ambition. The Christian women have told him that he is a good man but they need more than that. They mean as far as good man is, how he treats people and how he is and acts. They've said he is ONLY EXISTING. They've said he lives to just to exist and they can't be with or marry a man or have children with that type of man.


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  • Jesus said that a mans' life is not found in the abundance of your possessions and he also said that it is easier for a camel to walk through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. Paul said that the rich will weep and wail on judgment day because of the miseries that will come upon him.

    • Agreed. In this case it is not about material possessions. Its seems to be about things to make help make life easier that a woman would be attracted to, to start and have a family. Instead of struggling. And it seems to be about make a women be attracted to him so she will know that he can take care of a family and a household as the head of the house. But most Christian women don't want a man to just exist and I am trying to find out what I need to tell my friend to improve or change to be more successful at finding a wife.

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